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 The King of Comedy
Rodolfo Vera Quizon
   1928- - 2012
A   N   I   M   A   T   E   D      G   I   F   F   s

VW Beetle with Philippine Flag       Journey Revelation Flag                Tarsier         

          Camera Eyes                John Lennon Peace Banner            Mona Lisa Sketch

Steve Jobs Eternal Flame

The animated gif above was inspired by the images below, shot in Manama, Bahrain in 1984, a time when there was no digital technology yet.

The ant was alive and biting the grain of rice embedded at an angle in white wax, which made it appear that it was laying down the last grain to complete a pyramid

I made the pyramid out of illustration board then stuck long grain Basmati rice to the two sides. I used white translucent wax that was being used then to paste photoprints, illustrations, photos, and typesettings to the final artwork

The positive transparencies are from my personal portfolio, shot with a Nikon FA. The positive film used for the corporate ad of Crown International Media Services was taken by our company photographer with a Zenza Bronica medium format camera.

I scanned the 135mm transparencies with a Canon film scanner and cleaned the images using Photoshop CS5. I added a sunset background to enhance the photo. The original background is dark, similar to the close up photo with a glow provided by a nail hole in the G.I. sheet garage wall positioned behind the ant .

There is an interesting story behind the concept, production and events that followed after it was published in a 5 star hotel magazine.