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 What Americans Say About FMJ re: ESPN Best Fighter Award


Exclusive Juan Ponce Enrile Mugshot



FIFA World Cup Finals 2014


Dr. No is alive and well...

and looks like Cong. Rodolfo Biazon

"I would suggest you frontload the acquistion of helicopters against fighters. Otherwise, baka mahirapan kayo sa budget na 'yan. Who will you fight, China? Maski ano gawin natin diyan,"


 West Philippine Sea Territorial Dispute

Philippines Develops Super Patrol Ship for West Philippine Sea.


Meaning of TMT


Quick Quack

My favorite boxing family.


End of Times?

Do you think North Korean threats against South Korea,

US and its allies will trigger a nuclear war?

RP-China Standoff 

 In the dispute between China and the Philippines

re: territories in the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea.

Will David Philippines be able to hold its

own against Goliath China?